Washing powders:
Abyx manufactures a wide range of phosphate-free washing powders, formulated for Hand wash, Twin Tubs and Automatic washing machines from a cost-effective Economy Washing powder to a low foaming Supreme Washing Powder.

Washing powders available:
Hypawash Economy - (Economic all purpose powder)
Industrial Low Foam - (Unscented cost-effective powder)
Milled Powder - (Unscented cost effective powder)
Supreme Washing Powder - (Low foam containing enzymes)
High Foam - (Ideal for hand wash)
High Foam White - (Ideal for twin-tubs and top loaders)
Medium Foam - (Ideal for twin-tubs and top loaders)
Industrial High Foam - (for top loaders, twin tubs and industrial machines)

Pack sizes to suit your pocket and requirements from 2kg to 25kg.