Fabric Softener is a pleasantly fragranced softening agent designed to reduce wrinkling and static cling of clothes. Available in Rose and Supreme. The Supreme Fabric Softener formulation incorporates Encapsulated Fragrance Technology. This means th

Washing powders: Abyx manufactures a wide range of phosphate-free washing powders, formulated for Hand wash, Twin Tubs and Automatic washing machines from a cost-effective Economy Washing powder to a low foaming Supreme Washing Powder. Washing po

Laundry Liquid is a liquid detergent that is gentle on fabric, yet powerful on removing dirt and grime. The product provides an effective alternative to using powder detergents. Available in: 6x2L 4x5L

Fabric Stain Remover: Fabric Stain Remover is an ammonia-based spot remover that was formulated to remove blood stains from stained clothing and sheets. Fabric Stain Remover also available to enhance your laundry’s cleaning power. Availabl

Laundry booster powder: Laundry booster powder is a whitening powder and stain remover suitable for use on white and light-coloured garments. It also removes discolouration, restores dull colours and brightens with regular use. Laundry Booster powd