A full range of universal liquid cleaners including Bleach, Thick Bleach Gel, Ammoniated cleaner,
All Purpose Cleaner and Heavy Duty cleaner to cover a broad spectrum of cleaning requirements in the home, office or factory.

All purpose cleaner All purpose cleaner is a pink multipurpose liquid cleaner that was formulated to break down grease in the kitchen and bathroom. Easy spray on – wipe off formula. Available in: 4x5L 25L

Heavy Duty Cleaner: Heavy Duty Cleaner is a powerful, ready-to-use surface cleaner that cuts grease. Ideal for cleaning extractor fans, paving and car engines. Easy spray on – wipe off formula. Available in: 4x5L 20L 25L

Pine Gel cleaning gel: Pine Gel is a versatile, pine-scented cleaning gel containing disinfecting properties. Pine Gel is a powerful grease-cutter and is suitable for cleaning all washable surfaces as well as stain removal in laundry. The produc

Ammoniated cleaner: Ammoniated cleaner is a mild, non-abrasive, ammonia-based scouring cream that can be used on any washable surface. The product is available in Original or Lavender. Original available in: 12x500ml Sachets 12x750ml 6x2L 4x

Black Dip cleaner: Black Dip is a general purpose cleaner for use in the household, public conveniences, mines and industrial organisations. It is a blend of coal tar acids and emulsifiers. Available in: 6x2L 4x5L 25L

Window cleaner: Window cleaner is a water-based liquid cleaner that was formulated to clean windows, glass, mirrors and windscreens. Available in: 9x500ml 4x5L

Carpet and upholstery shampoo: Carpet and upholstery shampoo is a water based multipurpose liquid cleaner that was formulated to remove tar, oil, blood, ink and grass stains from upholstery, clothing and carpets. Available in: 6x2L  

Tile Cleaner - Pot Pourri & Alpine: Tile Cleaner is a neutral cleaner designed to remove dirt, grease and grime, deodorize and maintain floor surfaces. Suitable for use on ceramic tiles and vinyl surfaces. Pot Pourri available in: 12x750ml

Pine Kleen multipurpose cleaner: Pine Kleen is a pine-scented QAC/BAC cleaning detergent and multipurpose cleaner to clean counter tops, tables and floors with a pine scent. Available in: 6x500ml