A range of products manufactured to leave your bathroom hygienic and clean. The range includes Toilet Gels, Bath and Tile Cleaners, Urinal Screens and Deo blocks for public restrooms and urinals.

Toilet Gel: Toilet Gel is a fragranced cleaning gel that clings to the toilet bowl in order to clean stains and leaves a fresh, pleasant scent. Available in: 12x750ml 6x2L  

Urinal screens: Urinal screens release a strong fragrance that deodorises public restrooms, providing odour control for 30 days. Available in: Packs of 12.

Adeo urinal blocks: Adeo Blocks (urinal blocks) are perfumed blocks, manufactured in various shapes and colours in order to mask the odour of a men’s urinal. The blocks sublime once exposed to air. Shapes available: 200g 100g 40g UFO