Linen spray: Linen spray is a lightly scented, water-soluble room or linen freshener with a soft peach fragrance. Available in: 9x400ml

Quality products for your car including Car Wash & Wax, Car Shampoo, Engine Degreaser and Tyre Shine. Car Wash and Wax is a wax –based car shampoo containing Carnauba wax. Car Shampoo is a liquid detergent for washing cars. Tyre Shine is a black, polymer-based liquid that restores the black colour of tyres and vinyl trim to a glossy, high quality shine.

A full range of universal liquid cleaners including Bleach, Thick Bleach Gel, Ammoniated cleaner, All Purpose Cleaner and Heavy Duty cleaner to cover a broad spectrum of cleaning requirements in the home, office or factory.

A range of products manufactured to leave your bathroom hygienic and clean. The range includes Toilet Gels, Bath and Tile Cleaners, Urinal Screens and Deo blocks for public restrooms and urinals.

Floor & carpet care Carpet care Carpet Fresh powder Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner Floor care Mop and shine liquid floor polish. Floor stripper. Tile cleaners Suitable for use on ceramic tiles, floor and vinyl surfaces.

Refill sachets: Refill Sachets are a cost-effective means to save on the packaging cost Stock is easy to manage and control Product is easy to store and ready for use - no dilution necessary Consumers on a budget can purchase a larger variety of items due to the savings on the cost of the product. 500ml Sachets are available in the following products: Ammoniated Cleaner Bubble Bath - Herbal Car Wash and Wax Dishwashing Liquid - Economy Dishwashing Liquid - Orange Laundry liquid Ora

Perfumes & aftershaves: A range of Ladies and Mens Fine Fragrance interpretations made from imported perfume oils andpacked in a 50ml bottle: Ladies Range Attraction (Inspired by Hugo Boss XX) Attitude (Inspired by Black Opium YSL Dreams (Inspired by Fantasy by Britney Spears) Sensation (Inspired by Princess Vera Wang) Emotion (Inspired by Be Delicious DKNY) Finesse (Inspired by A Touch of Pink Lacoste) Infinity (Inspired by Eternity Cal

Sundry items: A range of sundry items are also available such as: Furniture polishes Mops Brooms Sponges Cloths Urinal screens

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